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The following organizations work alongside the Center for Green Psychiatry as community sponsors, and support the mission and values of CGP in their own unique work in wellness advocacy. We invite you to learn more about our community sponsors below. 


Urban Roots is a farm-based youth leadership organization that has been empowering youth and nourishing community for more than 10 years. Urban Roots started in 2008 with just 15 teenagers and one field as a project of another youth development organization, eventually becoming an independent nonprofit in 2011. On its 3.5 acre farm in East Austin, Urban Roots serves teens and young adults through paid internships that focus not just on farming, but also on their growth as leaders and good citizens. Learn more about Urban Roots at

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Austin Professional Counseling (APC) is one of Austin’s leading psychotherapy practices and just down the street from our Center! Led by nationally-recognized therapist John Howard, APC offers the most current methodologies in the field of counseling, including neuroscience-based approaches, EMDR, attachment re-patterning, and state-of-the-art couples therapy. They specialize in anxiety, depression, purpose, and relationship health. APC offers individual counseling, couples counseling, therapy groups, and mindfulness training. Visit to schedule!

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From Heights Family Counseling


Heights Family Counseling is a boutique counseling practice located in the Houston Heights and the surrounding area. Amy Rollo, the owner of Heights Family Counseling, has been practicing in the field for over 15 years. She understands the importance of being able to treat the entire family. Whether it is providing parent coaching, couples therapy, teen counseling, or play therapy, we believe in using a systems approach. This means we work towards unifying the family, building communication, and providing peace and harmony in the home. We do this by providing collaborative counseling and care.

Heights Family Counseling works with young children, adolescents, teens, adults, couples, and families. We understand the unique challenges of each stage of life. Furthermore, we understand that going to counseling for the first time can be a scary step. So, we work hard to make each client feel comfortable and heard, in a caring and judgment-free manner.

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Wild Heart Yoga is a vibrant and welcoming yoga studio in Austin. Located across the street from CGP, Wild Heart Yoga supports the Center by offering studio space for workshops and offering yoga as an accessible mind-body practice for the Austin community. We are grateful to have the support of Wild Heart Yoga! Learn more about Wild Heart Yoga at

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Amala means “hope” in Arabic. We believe that when people are committed to their own growth, there is hope for an equitable, inclusive, and compassionate future for all of us. Since 2001, Amala has been building a healthy and diverse community by focusing on a culture of belonging.  For youth, Amala offers social-emotional learning (SEL) programs that bring together children and teens from diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.  For adults, Amala offers professional workshops and trainings, yoga, and mindfulness classes. Our youth programs offer students a unique blend of mindfulness, movement, and sharing circles to help them learn to navigate the challenges of adolescence, connect with peers from different neighborhoods and backgrounds, build healthy relationships, and develop wellness practices. For adults, we partner with schools and organizations to custom build workshops, trainings, and classes focused on emotional intelligence, personal and community wellness, equity and cultural responsiveness, mindfulness, self-care, and healthy communication. Learn about the Amala Foundation at

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