1. How do I refer a patient to CGP?

Appointments for Dr. Brown and Hilary Holmes are best scheduled online. However, patients or providers may also call the office at (512) 710-1200 and leave a message for Anh Bui, CGP Operations manager. She will return your call to get information about and help schedule the patient you are referring.


Referring providers may also fax a referral letter/document/face sheet. Please include the patient's telephone number and we will attempt to contact the patient to assist in scheduling. If possible, include a signed release of information form to ease collaboration of care. If the referred patient schedules an appointment, we will contact you for medical records.

Please contact Dr. Crooks' or Dr. Sheehan's office regarding their specific policy for referrals as they may be different!

2. I need to send medical records, what is your fax number?

Fax Dr. Brown (512) 591-0685

Fax Hilary Holmes (512) 887-1673

Fax Hannah Goldberg (512) 591-0937

Fax Dr. Crooks (512) 287-5521

Fax Dr. Sheehan (512) 287-5521

Fax Anh Bui (512) 686-1236

3. I need to speak to a provider about a mutual patient or to obtain collateral.

Providers please call our office at (512) 710-1200 and leave a message with us. We will get back to you promptly. If you are calling for collateral information, please make sure you have faxed us a signed release of information form first.

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